Before the Next Storm Hits – How to Save Your Trees
Before the Next Storm Hits – How to Save Your Trees

One of the major concerns coming out of storms is the damage done by trees. A proactive approach to tree management is a less costly and more effective way to lower your risk of personal and property damage.

Arborists say that people should be on the lookout for things like mushrooms on a tree, broken limbs or a tree’s lean as signs the tree may need help.

Here are some helpful steps you can take to prevent costly storm damage to your trees and landscape:  

  1. Ask a certified arborist to inspect your property and provide you with an assessment of dangerous trees before storm season. 
  2. Be sure to look for trees with structural hazards like broken, dead or dying branches 
  3. Pay special attention to mature, heavily leaning trees 
  4. Look for hollow or decayed areas.
  5. Check for root injury or decay.
  6. Identify safety issues around walkways, roadways, entrances and electrical lines
  7. Look for potential risk factors like large trees in areas predisposed to wet soil
  8. Brace newly established trees so that strong cables keep them in place 
  9. Obtain proof of insurance for higher-risk tree work from your tree company 
  10. Get a written proposal with a detailed scope of work
  11. Consider your long-range plan with your goals and budget mapped out for 3-5 years 

Please pre – arrange with Duval Landscape. We respond 24/7 with the necessary manpower and equipment when an emergency does strike.

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