Seeing Your Space from an All-New Lens
Seeing Your Space from an All-New Lens

Feeling stumped when it comes to styling your landscape? Try seeing it from an all-new lens… like the one from your smartphone!

When it comes to designing a 21st century landscape, it’s worth keeping in mind the “Instagram generation,” the modern audience who carries a camera in their pocket and loves finding that perfect shot. Not only does a photo-friendly landscape look better—it makes for free, ready-made advertising in the form of visitors’ snaps that are sure to be shared far and wide… if the view is right, that is!

Read on to learn more about crafting a space that’s truly picture-perfect and ready to go.

Frame your space

When approaching your space with a fresh “lens,” imagine that you’re taking a photo of it. Do you see a natural way to frame your photo? Or is your landscape unorganized, with green space scattered in several directions with no real cohesion? In the interest of creating a more photo-friendly space, it’s always helpful to consider creating a focal point and surrounding your space with beautiful, natural barriers (think hedges, trees, etc.). You’ll have a ready-made way to set your property apart, and your landscape will look that much better when it comes time to snap a photo.

Consider contrast

Contrast is an important part of any striking photo—and you don’t need a filter to achieve it! You can create natural, visually-pleasing contrast in the form of complementary colors (cool blue water features to break up white stretches of pavement, for example, or bright orange flowers against a green grassy backdrop).

Find that signature “something”

Think about it—we all have a camera in our pockets. It’s built into the same device we use to text, call, email, and watch TV away from home!

Because our phones are always there, it often takes something truly special to warrant taking it out for a photo. What’s that special “something” in your landscape? Is it a beautiful old tree, stunning water feature, perhaps a natural view? Whatever it is, be sure to emphasize it even more!

Keep it up

Whatever landscaping changes you may make, be sure to keep up with them. Small steps as simple as scheduling maintenance or adding new mulch can help prevent your beautiful, photo-friendly space from diminishing with time.

Ready to give your commercial landscape a photo finish? Call Duval Landscape Maintenance today. Our team can help you design the perfect space… and keep it looking its best, so that it’s always ready for a closeup.   

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