5 Walkway Ideas for Your Commercial Space
5 Walkway Ideas for Your Commercial Space

When it comes to the paths and sidewalks on your commercial property, are you and your visitors just getting by?

Help facilitate easy, comfortable walks from place to place by designing walkways that work. Take a look at today’s blog for some helpful inspiration (and a few ways we can help!).

Walkable water

When you have water on your property, use it to your advantage! Anything from a beautiful lake to a winding canal or small pond offers you a chance to welcome customers, employees, and visitors with a reflective spot worth spending time in.

You may have already framed your water feature with benches or a casual seating area, but do a little more by designing a walkway around that water. Even if people are in a hurry to get from point A to B, they’ll still be able to enjoy the view along the way.

Converging paths

Reduce foot traffic congestion and make your property look a little better, too. You can do that with converging paths, which give people more space to spread out and get where they need to go. They also add to the community feel of your property, with partners, clients, and coworkers getting a chance to take more than one route to their destination in order to continue a conversation or simply switch up their routine.

Shrub-lined sidewalks

Surrounding a simple sidewalk with rows of shrubbery can help you keep leaves, grass clippings, litter and other debris from the walking surface itself. This is a great move for style and, of course, safety. It also gives you an easy spot to anchor walkway lighting without disrupting the visual landscape.

Alternative materials

Don’t feel the need to design sidewalks made with whatever materials the local streets and walkways use! Opt for interesting alternatives such as rustic, natural stone to give your property a custom, luxurious feel.

The winding walkway

When possible, consider opting for winding walkways and other options that break from the rigid, strict mold of traditional sidewalks. As long as they don’t force your guests to walk too much out of their way, they can add a subtle but impactful “twist” to conventional paths. They’re visually interesting and a great way to embody an out-of-the-box brand, reflected in your landscape.

You know the designs you want—now bring them to life! Call Duval today to find your local team and see how we can improve your property, one step at a time.

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