Exploring Natural Paths in Your Central Florida Landscape
Exploring Natural Paths in Your Central Florida Landscape

Wondering where and how to design walkways for your commercial space? Take a look around… nature might just have you covered.

Designing around natural paths in your landscape is easy (it means less for you to think about and design) as well as beautiful. Take a look at today’s blog to see a few of our favorite ways to embrace nature in pathway design!

Follow natural curves…

Whether it be due to a hilly surface or natural obstacles like a body of water, not all landscapes can have straight, streamlined pathways. But who says that has to be a bad thing? Sometimes, following the natural curve of your outdoor space can result in a more unique, interesting look that visitors will take note of! If you have a pond on site, for example, don’t just let it sit there—consider designing a walkway around it, so that it adds to the appeal of everyday walks to and from the parking lot. Embrace small changes in elevation with different flowers or shrubbery at each level, highlighting the change instead of working around it.

… or the “path of least resistance”

You’ve probably seen the “path of least resistance” at your business or another commercial property. It’s the visible wear on one pathway of mulch or grass, showing that visitors are more likely to take their own route (one that cuts a corner, for example) than to follow the actual sidewalk. While it may be frustrating to see on your own property, it’s worth seeing this kind of footpath as an opportunity instead of a problem. Redesigning your sidewalk so that it follows an unconventional angle can help eliminate the trampled-on grass and empty patches, all while giving employees and visitors a pathway they’re more likely to follow.

Find a sidewalk alternative

Who says you need a traditional sidewalk at all? Sometimes, minimalist alternatives like stepping stones in grass or mulch can provide an earthier feel… one that’s perfect for small detours from your main walkway, or paths around a body of water or other focal point.

We hope that today’s blog has helped you find new ways to embrace the natural side of your commercial landscape! For more ideas or help in achieving a landscape you love, call Duval Landscape today.

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