A Welcome Dose of Shade
A Welcome Dose of Shade

A Welcome Dose of Shade


We all crave shade on a hot summer day—but did you know that shade can also greatly improve the style and function of your commercial property?

Read on to learn more about the simple but necessary addition of shade—and how to best integrate it into your own commercial landscape. Take a look!

The cooling touch

As the owner of a business, you thrive on giving customers and clients what they need most (whether that’s a delicious meal, professional advice, or a product they love). On a simpler scale, having a well-shaded property lets you do that, too.

When the hot sun is shining down, you want to ensure that your guests are able to relax and feel comfortable when they come in for a visit. They’ll appreciate the chance to find solace from the sun!

A place to come together

Looking for a better way to facilitate team cooperation, or maybe collaboration between members of your office park? While the shade of a tree or overhanging structure can’t quite produce new ideas or forge relationships, it can provide a great, comfortable place to achieve these things. It’s just another way to create an environment people feel inspired in (after all, who doesn’t think a little better when they’re not worried about sunburn or getting a farmer’s tan?).

Cooler cars (and happier customers)

A big upside to having plenty of shade on your property—especially in the parking lot—is the ability to cool down cars during the day. If you’ve ever gotten into a car that’s been sitting in the sun all day, you know how uncomfortable it can be (especially as you touch the metal of your car door or seatbelt). We can help you select trees that provide shade while producing minimal litter in the way of seeds, leaves, etc. so that customers can drive away in cars that are as cool as they are clean.

Interior comfort

The right shade can cool you down on the inside of your business, too. We will happily work with you to determine the “hot spots” outside of your building, so that we can strategically design shady spots that prevent the sun from making its way inside.

Looking for more ways to get that welcome dose of shade? Call or visit your local Duval Landscape team to see how we can help! We look forward to working with you soon.

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